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Flat sheeted products can be enhanced by curling, corrugating or rolling. Arrow can offer solutions that retrofit to existing plant and generate new shapes from flat products. The advantages of adding equipment to existing production lines compared to dedicated sheeting systems are cost and increased plant utilization.


Curling Conveyor discharge following first stage baking

Add a curl to a flat chip. The curling conveyor has two independent circuits – top and bottom. Product is transferred onto the bottom circuit and moves forward on the conveyor to meet the top circuit. The top and bottom circuits interlock, that is the positive profile formers on the top circuit match a reverse former on the bottom circuit. The product is now constrained and holds the shape of the profile.


A ‘Wheel in – Wheel out’ machine for corrugating flat products prior to toasting

Convert flat chips to corrugated chips. The benefit of the ‘Wheel in – Wheel out’ machine is the creation of a second product on a flat chip line. Both flat and corrugated chips can be produced on the same line. A new product is created for a low investment. Conversion from flat to corrugated chips is easy with the ‘Wheel in – Wheel out’ machine.


Part view of product rolling add-on system for snacks

Roll a flat chip into a cylinder. Rolling flat chips at production rates is a difficult task made easy with the rolling rig. A ‘bolt-on’ system, the rolling rig can be installed with the minimum of plant modification. The rig will convert from flat chips to rolled chips with a simple action completed by the operator.