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Arrow is a food processing equipment supplier and machinery manufacturer. Our products include dough sheeter systems, dough forming tools and dough feed conveyors for producers in various food sectors, including Bakery, Snacks, Confectionary, Pet Foods and Breakfast Cereal manufacturers.

We also offer a range of engineering services in addition to our standard products. A significant portion of our work is either repair or replacement of worn or broken rollers. These services include:



Dough sheeter roll repair

We are able to repair and upgrade most types of broken sheeting rolls. There can be a significant cost saving for the end user.




Trial cutter rolls

We manufacture a range of cutter rolls in either bronze or plastic from 300mm to 1460mm wide including rolls with interchangeable segments.




Rubber anvil rolls for cutters and moulders

We use a dual hardness rubber construction to create resilience in the system creating a more efficient cutting performance.