Scorpion 2 – Data Logging Measurement System

Scorpion Data Logger

Faster – Easier – Smarter the R&D Smart SensorTM is a multi-element system enabling the collection of 4 key baking parameters in a single pass. The user quickly gathers a complete set of profiles characterizing Environment Temp, Product Core Temp, Airflow and Energy Transfer. To collect this data using individual sensors typically requires four passes through an oven. With its small footprint, only 254mm (10”) wide and only 40mm (2”) of headroom required, the R&D Smart SensorTM will pass through virtually any process. An additional sensor can be supplied to measure humidity. Space is included within the R&D transportation case for the humidity sensor making the larger system easily portable.

The Process

The Scorpion Data Logger is both a process development tool and a diagnostics tool. There are many useful features within the system that provide data for a range of users.

Both product core and environmental temperatures can be overlaid on the same graph to give a clear understanding of baking (or freezing) performance within the production process line.

Furthermore, Scorpion has a superior results presentation capability that allows key points to be traced to within 25mm (1”) of their location inside the oven (or freezer). This can lead to time and cost savings when attempting to fault find inside the process.

The features include two types of thermocouple suitable for either solid bands or open mesh bands. A contact type thermocouple is used on solid bands. This sensor is combined with a loop type thermocouple that measures top heat. Open mesh bands use two loop type thermocouples separated by a division plate to prevent mixing of top and bottom heats.

Scorpion has the ability to store data before the need to download to another device. This time saving feature allows more profiles to be obtained in a fixed period of time compared to loggers where data must be downloaded before the next profile can be taken.

By selection of the appropriate thermal barrier, bake times of over 2 hours and temperatures of 260 degrees Centigrade can be profiled.

Request a Demo – We would welcome the opportunity to make a demonstration visit and profile your oven or freezer. Visits are ‘hands-on’ and can be very helpful when making a key investment decision. In order to obtain the best return from Scorpion it should be used regularly even to check that the baking (or freezing) system is performing correctly.scorpion2

Scorpion 2 Lite Data Logger

A new low cost development in data logging, Scorpion 2 Lite can provide an entry level system for measuring oven temperatures. It is compatible with a limited number of temperature measurement devices, i.e. Temperature Interface, Product Probe Interface, Product Probes and bare wire Thermocouples. When connected to the former devices, Scorpion 2 Lite creates the same temperature output results as more expensive systems.

This compatibility means that Scorpion Lite is upgradable. Once the user has experienced the productivity and performance of the Scorpion Lite system, other parameters can be added such as air velocity sensors.

The Scorpion Lite has an onboard User Interface that enables data collection without the need for a computer on the production floor. Immediately upon connecting a Smart Sensor, a communication link is established between the data logger and sensor. A self test is initiated and a healthy condition is indicated by a Ready Light on the front of the device. The user can be confident that all data logger and sensor parameters are within operational limits.

Further features include the Test Button to display the memory and battery capacity remaining. Also, it cautions the user when the minimum amount of time remaining falls below two hours. Scan rates of 0.1, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 4.0 seconds can be set via the Test Button. Typically, memory capacity at 0.5 seconds scan rate is 8 hours.

Scorpion Lite is targeted at the user who wants to quickly profile oven temperatures and process the results with the minimum of effort. It is priced accordingly and makes a great contribution to quality control within the business.

Scorpion-SMART-Sensor-and-Logger---3Aug14-029---presentation-version Scorpion SMART Sensor and Logger - 3Aug14 010 - presentation versionScorpion SMART Sensor and Logger - 3Aug14 013 cropped Scorpion SMART Sensor and Logger - 3Aug14 014 - presentation version