Wire Cut Cookie Machines

Soft cookie dough pieces are formed using a wire cut machine. Dough is forced through a filler block and die cup arrangement by a pair of contra-rotating rolls. As dough extrudes from the base of the die cups, a wire (or blade) cuts a disc shape that transfers to the outfeed conveyor. To promote efficient transfer, a band raise mechanism lifts the outfeed conveyor and reduces the die cup to band clearance.

Passages are machined into the filler block to direct dough to the die cups. They help to create equal pressure at the base of each die cup and give good weight distribution across the machine. Typically, product sizes of 20mm to 80mm diameter can be produced. Sizes of less than 20mm diameter require extra features to generate sufficient pressure and overcome friction.

The standard machine can be adapted to operate as a Rout Press extruder, a deposit machine or a co-extrusion machine for filled bars.

The deposit machine can include swirl (or rotating) nozzles to give an attractive finish to soft dough products.

      Technical Specifications


        • Stainless steel grooved rolls
        • Filler block for improved side to side weights
        • 150 cuts per minute
        • Stainless steel “low head” hopper
        • Outfeed conveyor
        • Band raise mechanism below die cups
        • Variable roll and wire cut speeds
        • Variable wire cut stroke and wire drop


          • PTFE liners for filler block
          • Independent roll drives
          • Higher cut rates depending upon dough piece size
          • Oscillating wire cut
          • Blades for dough with inclusions
          • Over the oven band operation
          • Mobile option with machine mounted control panel
          • Rout press and deposit options
          • Co-extrusion and filled bar options

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